Tony’s House

Project Description

Tony’s house was the final submission for my MA Games Art. The key aim of the project was to represent how games engines could provide a useful way of visualising architectural spaces.


Project Challenges:

At the time of development, major game engines did not include support for Physically Based Rendering. So a significant part of the project was to explore Physically Based Rendering in Unreal Engine 3, besides implementing partial PBR I also optimised the shaders created to ensure they where easily used by other artists.

Project Details

MA Final Project
Date Date of Completion
Skills Shaders, Interaction, Modelling

Interactive Materials

In addition to the passive tour experiance of Tony’s house. I also added an interactive interface using Scaleform and Flash to allow the players to interact with the materials during runtime. Such as activating window shades and changing colours of materials.

Roles on the project

 Modelling (all aspects – 3DS Max)

Interaction Programming (Unreal Kismet / UnrealScript)


 Texturing (Adobe Photoshop)

UI Design (Flash + Scaleform)


VR Ready

Oculus DK1 was released in the closing months of this project and so the final build was made available on this platform. 

Built in Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)

Custom shaders where implemented to enable Physically Based rendering within Unreal Engine 3, to provide the most accurate representation of the building that is possible.